You are going to like this man.


Dr. Tony George, DVM, has been coming to our house to treat our Labradors with acupuncture for over a decade. He is kind, intelligent, funny, compassionate, and extremely good company for man and beast. His knowledge of acupuncture and herbs is stunningly substantial. In addition, he constantly seeks new insight into emerging and alternative veterinary treatments, ranging from veterinary oncology to Chinese medicines.


He will care as much about your animal as you do, and he never gives up on a patient!

- Priscilla T


We love Dr. Tony George!!! He is not only a highly skilled vet, acupuncturist, surgeon, but an extremely caring person as well. Our dogs mean the world to us, and Dr. George has always treated them, and us, with a kindness and concern that you don't find elsewhere.  We trust him implicitly!  We got to know him the best when our Lab mix, Lucy, needed weekly house call acupuncture. She was 13 years old and had very bad hip arthritis. From the first treatment, we saw results! For almost three years, Lucy and I looked forward to Friday appointments with Dr. George. She made it to the ripe old age of 16 1/2 years and we contribute that to her treatments. It is really special to get to know your vet and develop a friendship during house calls that is irreplaceable. He also treated our mom's dog, Riley, who had Cushing's Disease. She was in terrible condition and Dr. George found solutions that changed the quality of her life for the better.   We have trusted Dr. George for 23 years and will continue to do so in the future. As stated before, our pets mean the world to us and so does Tony!!!

- Mary, Danny, and Fiona 

Dr. George has been treating my cats for about ten years. All my cats love him, not only because the acupuncture makes them feel so good, but because he is a talented and experienced veterinarian with a deep, deep love for the animals. That combined with his insatiable pursuit of new knowledge and technique make him both veterinarian and healer.

- E.B., Beau, B.K. and Louie


Dr. Tony has been my kitty acupuncturist (and veternarian) for about 10 years. I love having my acupuncture at home. It's easy for my mom, and I feel safe and relaxed. I'm 17 years old now, and I'm positive that the acupuncture has helped my asthma, my digestion and my joints. 

- Beau-Bee


Dr. Anthony George has been treating my animals for the past 4 years, and all of us concur that he is quite the god send! When he first started my 3 yr old dog Miles had been really sick for the past year, he was suffering from poorly controlled Addison's Disease and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Miles was way over medicated on numerous potent drugs, he was very underweight, and frequently refused meals for days. Not long after starting acupuncture with Dr. George, Miles began developing a healthy appetite again and finally started to put weight on! One by one I was able to get Miles off all of his daily pills. Today, Miles is super healthy, he recently tested negative for Addison's Disease, and hasn't had an IBD flare up in 3 years!! My kitties and my other dog have also been lucky recipients, benefiting from Dr. George's expert needle work! When Dr. George arrives the dogs rush to greet him and the kitties screech and meow, everyone loves him in this household. We are all so grateful for the wonderful help and restored health that he has provided. None of us could imagine our Fridays without a visit from Dr. George. 

- Chloe & the Gang

It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to recommend Dr. Anthony George who has been our house call acupuncture veterinarian every Friday evening treating in succession, 3 Labrador Retrievers and 1 Norwich Terrier Mix who lived to be 21 1/2 for the last 10 years!, a rescue cat, as well as treatment and surgery in the hospital. Dr. George is so very capable, concerned and caring.  Best of all is his " Bedside Manner" !!!  All the animals knew when it was Friday, they would start their vigil for Tony's arrival,  run to greet him, and hop on their bed to start "the needles".  He is without a doubt, their BFF and ours!!


Wishing all, healthier, happier animals. 

- CSC and Co.

Dr. Anthony George (“Tony”) has been doing acupuncture on my dogs for 13 years. Presently, my two Goldens, Hunter and Penny look forward to their weekly visit on Friday with Tony. They adore him, as do I.  He has always been professional, kind and attentive to the needs of my dogs.  Tony will always do what is in the best interest of my pets. He sometimes suggests alternative therapies. He attends conferences to stay current on the latest modalities. All I can say is, I would never use another vet, nor another acupuncturist! 

-  Sheila and Alan Spiwak, Hunter and Penny

I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Tony and having his loving hands treat my 5 Brussels Griffons for over 15 years.


Not only is Dr. Tony a wonderful general veterinarian, diagnostician and surgeon, but, above all, he is the most genuine, kind and caring human being I have ever met. My dogs intimately know his heart and they simply can't wait to see him either at his clinic or at my home to receive acupuncture. You should hear them squeal with delight and jump with joy when they see his face!


Dr. Tony's gifted hands and commitment to wellness for his animal patients has brought many miraculous cures to my dogs by using acupuncture to help with disk disease, prolonged their lives, alleviated their pain and granted them relaxation when they were unwell.


Of course, Dr.Tony combined acupuncture with this expansive knowledge of traditional medicine and cures involving dietary changes, medications, expert surgery and whatever is required from his vast toolbox of knowledge.


All my Brussels Griffons are Complex Rated Pet Partner Therapy Dogs who work on the UCLA People Animal Connection Team and READ Therapy Team. I have bothered Dr. Tony with an immense flow of forms that are required annually for my dogs to continue working as Therapy Dogs on the PAC Team and in many venues as Pet Partners. He is accepting, conscientious and affable about the paperwork intrusions.  He too is proud of my Griffys and the work they do.


I want to mention the very sad time when I had to face the passing of two of my dogs and how Dr. Tony handled this transition with such abiding love and beauty, wrapping my dogs in a velvet blankets laden with lavender and rosemary, being present for love and support and a week later presenting me with beautiful macrame paw prints of my dogs for wall hangings and original origami cranes created and inscribed by Dr. Tony with heartfelt words in praise of my dog's unique personalities. There is really no veterinarian and holistic  veterinary practitioner that could ever met the level of commitment, talent and honesty that Dr. Tony brings to my animals and to me as their blessed owner.


My biggest sorrow is that I can't have Dr. Tony as MY own Primary Care Physician.


I recommend Dr. Tony George without reservations and sing his praises from the rooftops!!!

- Dr. Judith Bin-Nun Ph.D., LMFT, LPCC and Pet Partner and READ Team Member with  Raizel, Ketzel and Shepzel - The Griffys.




When our eleven–year-old standard poodle began having problems with incessant anxious licking on her leg that caused an abscess, requiring surgery. She continued to lick at every opportunity afterwards and also developed a kidney infection that left her stiff and sore. I called my friend for the name of the vet-acupuncturist that had helped his dog through her end-of-life months. Dr. George called me back, cautiously encouraging. With the greatest integrity, he let me know that not all dogs respond to acupuncture and we could only know by seeing how she responded. When he came to the house, he was so attentive to both of our dogs that they bonded with him quickly, our miniature poodle, (now twelve), watching  attentively as he carefully placed many needles into his tall sister’s key points. Amazingly, with the help of her favorite treats, she stayed calm throughout. After the very first treatment, she was significantly less stiff and jumpy.  Each treatment helped her to become increasingly spry, soon able to leap over the three stairs from the living room to the kitchen in a single bound. During her treatment period our miniature, who had also developed a condition in his back in addition to the residual stiffness in his knee, had a painful recurrence. Dr. George treated him also and he too, responded the first day, obviously in less pain and with greater mobility. Now, the two dogs receive regular acupuncture and these twelve-year old dogs run and jump, prance and dance as they did when they were youngsters.  Our miniature has not had another recurrence of pain in either his knee or his back, and our standard is less anxious, more deeply relaxed; her stiffness is a problem of the past. With her exuberant energy, no one would ever guess that this elegant standard poodle is already twelve and passing into her golden years.


Dr. George is thorough, kind and loving to the dogs and highly skilled at placing his needles. He is happy to work adjunctively to their regular vet to ensure their best health and he recently referred us to a nearby, excellent cardiologist when one of them needed an echocardiogram. Our dogs love him - they meet him at the door and follow him around joyously. If anything happened to our regular vet that they have seen all their lives, we would transfer instantly into Dr. George’s full- service veterinary practice.

- M. Daniel


Chief and Ned waiting for Dr. George's arrival.